100 Reasons

100 Reasons releases on March 1, 2011. This album is Annemarie Russell's fourth CD, and is produced by New York City area musician Nathan Eklund. Featured on the album are Portland drummer Demetrius Keller, Portland bassist Arcellus Sykes, and guitarists and vocalists Douglas Haub and Jeremy Varo-Haub. Eklund plays horns and additional percussion is provided by Josh Dion, who played drums on The Finest Hour.

The Musicians
Annemarie Russell - guitar & vocals
Demetrius Keller - drums
Arcellus Sykes - electric and fretless bass
Nathan Eklund - trumpet, flugelhorn, backing vocals & percussion
Douglas Haub - lead guitar and backing vocals
Jeremy Varo-Haub - guitar and backing vocals
Josh Dion - percussion

The Songs
Fill It Up
Anywhere But Here
Sit Beside You
Things That Last
When I'm Gone
Las Mariposas
Easier to Run
Paper Thin
Never So Good Together